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  • 18 years or more
  • UK Resident
  • employment

Do you want get cash today?

You can rely on cash today to get you the money you seek fast. They offer you up to 1000 which allows you to get things taken care of. You can borrow smaller amounts too that help you to get by. Only you know what you are looking for, and that flexibility allows the business to offer plenty for anyone and what their specific needs happen to be.

The range of time for such a loan can be 7 days all the way up to 31 days. The goal is to find a range there that works for your budget. With the loan offers, you are in charge of what you borrow and also when you pay it back. Such assistance does help to ensure that few consumers will default on the money they borrow. Customers need to be 18 or older, have employment for the past 3 months, offer an email address, and offer a phone number.

Once your application is submitted to cash today, you will get a response in just a couple of minutes. You will find out if you are approved, and most people are. You will also find out how much they can offer you and all of the terms of that loan. If you agree to it, accept it and then they can put the funds into your checking account. It is very simple and this is a great lender with plenty of customers that rely on it.

Your application will be handled confidentially and swiftly. You don’t have to feel embarrassed that you need to borrow money. Without a credit check, there is nothing to hold you back from getting the cash you need to have access to. This is a lender that has been around for a while, and they can offer plenty of value to the industry.

Why Choose Us ?

Fast online application

It takes less that 60 seconds to
complete our online form

Online Decision

You'll get an immediate decision
after submission

Your Cash in 15 Minutes

Once accepted you'll get cash in
your bank in 15 minutes


No Credit Checks

We will not check your credit so your
report remains clear

Do I Qualify ?

YES - for Bank Account holders

You need to be 18 years or more to
apply for a payday loan

YES - if you are a UK Resident


You need to have a UK bank account to deposit your loan


YES - if you are Employed

You need to receive a regular salary
cheque each month